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Why Hand Made Soap?

  1. Why would I buy handmade soap instead of what's in the grocery store?

    We have found that once you experience it, you truly never want to go back to anything else!  Most of what is found in stores today are not soap, but detergent bars.  If you check the ingredients of many of the soaps today, the ingredients include chemicals, which can cause skin sensitivity and strip the natural "good" oils that our bodies need from our skin.  Our soap is made from all natural ingredients, that you can read and understand what is included.

  2. Is Everything Hand Made?

    We make everything, from start to finish, in small batches in order to control temperatures and overall consistency. We have chosen to stick with smaller batches so that we can sustain the important properties each oil provides. We do not mass manufacture any product. Instead, we measure, stir and pour each bottle ourselves in order to maintain potency and quality control.

  3. Are your products natural and/or organic?

    We do incorporate as many organic oils and organic shea butter into our products as possible. All our natural products are made with only the finest oils and ingredients. We have even chosen to provide a mild preservative to each water based product that is paraben free.

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Why LocustGroves?

  1. Where are you located?

    LocustGroves is a virtual online store only.  Our home workshop is located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

    While we do have a workshop we make soap out of, we do not have a brick & mortar storefront accessible to the public.  All orders are shipped out from us via UPS or USPS. Tours not available.


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  1. Can I get a custom scent?

    Contact us with your request.  If we cannot accommodate, we may be able to suggest another fragrance in our line up that is similar to what you are looking for.


  2. Can I get a Whole Loaf of soap?

    Yes you can, just send us an email, and we can quote you a price.  The prices vary based on the product being requested.  A loaf will be about 15 bars of soap, and will require some additional lead time for the order, as we will make it at your request.  Loaves of soap are not labeled, but we will send you the full ingredient list.

  3. How do you ship my order?

    The majority of our orders go USPS priority mail. But based on your location and your order it might be more cost effective to use UPS.  We choose the method that will cost you the least in shipping each time.

  4. I can't remember what I ordered last time, and I really liked it. Can you help me?

    Yes, we have a database of our customer's orders, for several years back (nothing deleted yet), and we can look you up by name or address.  Just send an email or call us.

  5. Can you put together a gift bag for me?

    Yes, we can.  Just let us know what items you want to include in an email - we will make suggestions, and work within your price range to find you something perfect.

  6. Are guest soaps (small size) available for party gifts?

    Of course.  The pricing and lead time required, will depend on what and how many you are ordering.  Just call us to get the ball rolling. 

  7. What if I don't want to give my credit card information over the internet?

    No worries, we understand. You may contact us to place order and payment over the phone.

  8. I have very sensitive skin and break out with most products.

    Certainly! For those who have reactions to products, we suggest the any of our unscented soaps or our Baby your Body soap. For a moisturizer, choose the unscented Tropical Body Butter. If you're looking for a mild exfoliant, try our unscented Oatmeal bar or our Creamy Cleanser made with real oatmeal flakes and apricot seeds. Be sure to always test a small amount of product on a small patch of skin, if no reaction occurs within 24 hours, then you should be good to go.

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Wholesale info

  1. How do I start selling your soaps?

    Contact us, or Call us and we can discuss our wholesale process and pricing/order details.

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Shelf Life

  1. How long can I expect my product to last?

    We take pride in using natural ingredients in our products.  However, with natural products there is a shelf life.  This is a good thing!  Who would want to use something that is supposedly fresh, but lasts longer than plastic?  With this being said, here are a few guidelines when using our products.

    1. Lotions & scrubs usually have a shelf life of about 1 year.  After one year, you may see that the scent (essential oil blend) is not as potent.  We still have lotions on our "test shelf" for over 3 years and the preservative has held up, but the scent does not.  It is still there, but not as wonderful as it was the first couple of months we first made it.

    2. Be sure to keep your goodies away from heat and direct sunlight.  Both will break down the essential oils and in turn cause your product  to be less than superior!

    3. We do use a mild preservative that is paraben free.  Preservatives are necessary with natural products (in our opinion) because there a couple of nasty things that can grow on products that are made with water such as mold and mildew.  There is never any reason (in our opinion) to accept mold and bacterial growth.  As a result, we made the decision to add a mild preservative that is <1%. 

    4. If by some chance, you did leave you lotion in the car or some place warm that caused it to break down a bit, try putting it in the fridge to thicken up.  It may just do the trick, plus it adds a nice cooling effect to your purchased goodie.

    5. Human beings still make each and every batch here at HSCo.  So should you think your lotion, soap, scrub, etc is not up to par, please send us an email and we will try and get down to the heart of the issue.  We still make everything in small batches so that we can control temperatures, quality and overall performance. But here again, we are humans so there is always the chance that human error can play a part.  But we will say, that we have not had many errors because of the whole "small batch" thing!

    6. Lastly, thanks so much for liking our products.  We are only as good as our customers and word of mouth.  So if you like us, spread the word.  If you don't...please contact us and give us a fighting chance to make things better!



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  1. Does LocustGroves have an environmental policy?

    We are committed to maintaining strict environmental policies. We do not conduct animal testing. Our products are biodegradable and we recycle our packaging whenever possible,

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