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We have been making soap, and quilts for over 15 years.We craft soap cakes of premium pure ingredients with artisan flair!  We embrace preserving a timeless craft!  We hope to become your village soap maker ... dedicated to the best ingredients,  made in the USAEach batch of soap is hand processed by our family, in small batches, with care and lots of coffee

Premium ingredients only! Our soap is ALL made from scratch! No pre-manufactured soap bases, we formulate our custom recipes based on our own research and many trial batches!  No added carcinogen-linked chemicals such as hexaclorophene, Triclosan, 1,4-dioxane, or other dioxins!

We make CPOP (cold process, oven process) soaps, which allows for all the benefits of cold processed soaps, with a reduced cure time.

Prompt, courteous service!  This is our business, not a sideline hobby.  Many of our customers date back to our beginning; they return for the service, as well as the soap!

If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us and we will see what we can do to accommodate your request. 

We sell to individuals as well as to retail establishments.....   For Retail sales, just visit us at our events (located on the find us tab) or order securely on line at our products link in our store.

Sell the finest in handcrafted soap in your gift or specialty store.  A scent for every mood.....a soap for every skin type! Your customers will be back more often!

Great reasons to partner with the LocustGroves
  • A product that brings customers back.
  • All natural and healthy product.
  • Small shelf space with high return.
  • Seasonal varieties that keep customers interested & Exceptional fragrances year round.
  • Seasonally appropriate gift sets.
  • Superior personal customer service.
  • Consumer promotions designed to drive traffic and turn inventory.
  • Wholesale dealer website with 24/7 access.
  • We specialize in & welcome small retailers.
    A Partner helping educate you to answer your customers product questions.

Retailers! What's on display at your fine store or vendor booth? 

How about a colorful artisan assortment of fragrant bulk soap logs to cut-by-the-inch? 

An affordable luxury anyone can indulge in!

So intoxicatingly delicious-smelling, you almost want to take a bite! 

Who can resist a slice or few to take home and luxuriate in?  Interested, contact us to receive our wholesale information.

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                                                 Located in Pittsford NY



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